36 | Birdy Odell


Birdy Odell is a Canadian artist and writer whose work highlights themes of death, childhood, abandonment and fear.  She works primarily in found words and flash fiction, and is the winner of the Saskatchewan Library Association Award for Book Spine Poetry, 2017 and was named 3rd place winner for Blank Spaces Magazine’s Writing Prompt Contest for Flash Fiction August, 2019.  Her work has appeared in Barren MagazineThe Cabinet of HeedPicture the Dead , Nightingale and Sparrow and  will appear in upcoming issues of Dark Ink,  Blank SpacesTwist in Time and an upcoming anthology to be published by Vociferous Press.   You can connect with her on ‘Instagram’,  ‘Commaful’ and ‘Twitter’ @birdyodell and through her website    https://birdyodell.wixsite.com

Collage | Harley Claes


Writer’s Commentary

This piece depicts the Sapphic and tumultuous relationship between two women, addressing the feigned consoling and fear of connection due to traumatic ties with men in the past.

Harley Claes is a prose poet, perfume maker, and novelist from Detroit, Michigan. Her work is oftentimes anachronistic, mystical, philosophical and holy erotic. She also happens to run the Beat-inspired press ANGELICAL RAVINGS. Her first self-published
anthology is titled ‘Pity The Poetics’ and her work has appeared or is forthcoming in 30+ literary journals. You can find her at harleyclaes.com