10603194_10154526973105507_2914592179252296501_nAnnabel Mahoney is our chief editor, a writer and essayist based in the UK. She has a history degree from King’s College London and is currently a postgraduate at Durham University. She is looking forward to undertaking PhD research in the representation of the First World War in 21st Century literature.

Annabel has won numerous prizes from bodies such as the Human Rights Watch, The Literary Association and Forward Poetry. Her debut collection Wyf-King is available from Lapwing Publications and her second, St Crispin in the Trenches, is now available with Another New Calligraphy.

You can find her tweeting into the abyss at @Annabel_Mahoney


Katherine Mills is our poetry editor and co-founder, a writer, activist, and advocate based in the UK.

She has a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing and works with many charities in the UK and Europe. Her debut collection Memento Mori is available from Hope and Plum Publishing.

She is currently working on her second poetry collection, which examines monstrosity and femininity.

You can find her on Twitter at @KatCMills