Visions of the Interface | J. S. MacLean

I enter verges where some bleary bounds
(like dusk or dawn for instance), help inform
the fine interpretation things require
to claim a strange innate congruency.

Some concepts overlapped horizons show
are understanding, sorrow, love, and pain.
The universe, belief, awaking, mist,
return, experience, and loss are more.

It is these borderlands providing place
for words to guide the fit of foreign traits
and something emanates that holds a truth
from voices sympathizing common source.

Emergence drives and molds and speaks to us
with shared environment, design, and laws.
The life of verse will fill the cup until
it brims above the rim as trace of self.

A fishing boat returns on fogbound waves,
a forest creeps along a fringe of field,
the sound of lamplight slips below the door,
I reach from rimrock for the rungs of cloud.

J.S. MacLean has been writing poetry since the early 70s with two collections “Molasses Smothered Lemon Slices” and “Infinite Oarsmen for one” available on Amazon. He has over 170 poems published in journals and magazines internationally in Canada, USA, Ireland, UK, France, Israel, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, and Australia. He enjoys the outdoors, and indoors too. In 2007 he won THIS Magazine’s Great Canadian Literary Hunt in Poetry (1st Prize). He strives for lyrical and hopes for accidental.

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