Painterly | Kevin Densley

Titian light
filled the backyard
near sunset, after the thunderstorm,

as if an ancient deity
had roused from aeonian sleep
then tinted the air.


Writer’s Commentary

This little poem is one I’ve labored over for many years. Perhaps it’s worthwhile to comment specifically on two things. The “Titian light” mentioned in the poem’s opening line refers to the brownish-orange colour named after the Renaissance painter Titian. The rarely seen word aeonian in the fifth line means pertaining to an aeon, which is of course an exceptionally long period of time.

Kevin Densley is an Australian poet. Densley’s poetry has appeared in Australian, English and American journals. Densley’s latest poetry collection, his third, Orpheus in the Undershirt, was published by Ginninderra Press (Port Adelaide, South Australia) in early 2018.

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