Eagle at Beinn Mhòr | Matthew M. C. Smith

a skiff of snow, veils of mists
a surge of tides, swell and rise
around the broken steeple
of mighty Beinn Mhòr

we shudder towards land, gazing as watchers
the black-stacked cliffs, the rock-strewn acres
flocks of gulls above wide waters
a call, a pointing to white-tailed eagle

the shadow falls in glacier-white gloom
hunter from crags with angel-span
it cracks water, clinging prey
with ascent imperial

to colossal throne

Matthew M. C. Smith is a Welsh poet from Swansea. He has been published in Panning for Poems, Re-side and The Seventh Quarry and won the RS Thomas Prize for Poetry at the Gwyl Cybi festival in 2018.  Matthew is the Editor for new micro-poetry broadside project Black Bough Poetry. Twitter @MatthewMCSmith @blackboughpoems

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