Maeve | Billy Fenton

They say you still stand upright
inside this mound of stones,
since before the time of Christ,
sea billowing behind you like a cape,
mantle of trees and mountains
stretching as far as your eye can see,
a weapon upright in your hand,
to fend off the unwelcome,
sure to come from the shadows
between earth and sky.

I sit down beside you,
scan the land I was born in,
know for fact what is
beyond the shadows.

You do not ask me.

I do not tell.

I try to imagine your world,
like so many who came before me,
who created a land out of legend,
merged space with longing,
let meaning and story rhyme.

[Named for the mythical Irish queen]

Billy Fenton writes poetry and short stories. His work has been published in the Irish Times, Poetry Ireland ReviewBangor Literary Journal, Crannog, Galway Review, and Cattails. He was shortlisted for a Hennessy Award in 2018, and for a Write by the Sea Poetry award in 2019. He can be found on Twitter @BillyFenton7

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