Hangover Prophecy | Westley Heine

when all the graves sprout seeds
when knotted eyes are in the trees
when the stars are washed away by cities

when the skulls hatch
& the sun blinks
& the artic tide comes in
all that we’ve loved and forgotten
will come back to claim us


Westley Heine is a writer, multimedia artist, and former bandleader of Cousin Bones. He is known for his geometric painting Infinigon and documentaries Poetry in Action and Trail of Quetzalcoatl, which has a companion book of poetry now available. He has been the featured poet at the original Poetry Slam at the Green Mill in Chicago. Publications of and about his work have been in The Chicago Reader, Conscious Choice, Chicago Tribune Magazine, and CC&D magazine. He grew up in Wisconsin, was educated in Chicago, and bummed from New York to Mexico to California. He now resides with his wife in Los Angeles.  According to Heine: “In no particular order I’ve been a taxi dispatcher, a roadie, a deliveryman, a squatter, a street musician, a grocery clerk, a chambermaid, a novelist, a blues singer, a painter, a metal head, a Boy Scout, an insurance investigator, a jailbird, a farmhand, sold tickets to the symphony, sold plasma, been unemployed, and been a filmmaker. Life is always creating new characters within myself, but always a writer.”  Instagram: @westleyheine

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