Florentine Discourse | Nathanael O’Reilly

(A found poem)

I’m in the zone, let me be
I prefer non-denominational

I’m well-travelled and well-educated
no one wants to know anything about you

it was totally reasonable to tell us to be quiet
and then it got really awkward

she’s really New York
I didn’t realize she had broken

up with her boyfriend
mozzarella – that’s so Italian

she broke up with him over text
after two and a half years

it’s like the Mason situation
every time she has sex she goes to confession

and thinks it erases it like whatever
my dad was forced to go to church

there are Pinocchios here
I should have told him about the bargaining

coffee! cappuccino!
hey babe, take a walk on the wild side

everything alright here?
oh what service!

what was the other thing he gave you?
red wine yes

I have a table over there right?
the toilets are in the back on the left

fantastic thank you
prego grazie


Nathanael O’Reilly is an Irish-Australian residing in Texas. His books include Preparations for Departure, Distance, Cult, Suburban Exile and Symptoms of Homesickness. His poetry has appeared in publications from twelve countries, including Antipodes, Cordite, Headstuff, Mascara, Skylight 47, Snorkel, Verity La and The Newcastle Poetry Prize Anthology 2017.

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