Detestable Malcontent | Robin Ray

Detestable malcontent, braggard at the throat,
doused in cursive mahogany high heels and a
sarcoline-feathered boa, don’t hoist anchors
against skippers’ will. Begone, contemptable
knave, for these pines are not for you.

Dance, dance your umpteenth dance with
amethyst hares in hairy snowdrifts. Swivel
the lamps through your mighty cleaving,
let us all guess your corporeal name. If not
a sharp cavalry, then Easter sparrows shall
bear the coveted spears.

Circle, circle, circle the swaying parapets
till they drop like philodendron leaves.
These fire ants are porridges for elders.
A carpeted smile of Portuguese lute music
and you flag like olive-green oysters
in blustery north winds.

Lavender mute, colorful foil, fulvous
demimonde – even the graying platypus
agrees. With chartreuse hair on liquid skull,
striated pardalote wings soaring high above
marshmallow marshes and concreted plains,
we adore you while despising this reality.
Could you please tell us your name?


Writer’s Commentary

It’s been 50 years since the Stonewall riots of NYC in 1969. Since then, we have had a plethora of LGBTQ rights activists, gay pride parades, TV shows, festivities, and even the reality of gay marriage exploding in fabulous colors all around the world – to a certain extent. But even to this day, transgender folks still have a very difficult time being accepted by certain politicians, clergy, the mainstream populace, and/or even their families and friends. As if to drive home this point, there’s been an epidemic in the brutal murders of this marginalized population. This poem is dedicated to Muhlaysia Booker, Nikki Enriquez, Zoe Spears and the thousands of other folks around the world who, by simply being themselves, paid the ultimate price for their uniqueness.

Robin Ray is a POC/LGBT writer from Port Townsend, WA. He has published two novels, two collections of short stories, nine novellas and one book of non-fiction. His shorter works have appeared at magazines such as Red Fez, Fairy Tale Magazine, Scarlet Leaf Review, and elsewhere.

He can be find on Twitter at @redrobin62

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