DEPRESS | Hollis Rigney

Just tell me I am brave! Just tell me
I am good for going on as long as I have.
Rub circles on my back this time.
Am I not better than Christian soldiers?
Am I not better than pilots diving for
the fish? Because I have stayed here,
because I have remembered the
small divot I have made in your bed
to come back to. Am I not brave for
how long I have remained, dull as I am?


Hollis Marguerite Rigney is a non-binary queer poet who lives and works in Orange, CA and San Diego, CA. They have published work under the names of Hannah Teves and Hollis Teves. Their work has previously appeared in Calliope, Sapere Aude, The Messy Heads, Neologism Poetry, Eudaimonia Press, Ghost City Press, Bone & Ink Literary Magazine, and Blanket Sea Arts & Literary Magazine. They are also the editor-in-chief of The Fruit Tree, a literary magazine for LGBT+ writers. They enjoy listening to folk music and snuggling with their kitten, Tofu. Contact them at or on Twitter @unisexlove.

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