Brought to You by Q | Jack M. Freedman

Behold the power of Q
First letter in the word ‘queer’.

Just as Q
embodies the laws of my attraction…
It also embodies being authentic

No two forms of the capital Q are alike
for they are used to identify a font

From the uncial to the unique
I embody the letter’s purpose
and the color palette it denotes

Throughout my time on this earth
my sexuality could never be pinned down

My worth was never measured by a crowd
for I was usually in the midst of cliques

Queer is considered an umbrella term
and I am holding it up
as the rainbow forms
after yet another storm
where individuality floods
the foundation where
our health as a community grows

Q is also a Roman numeral
which bears half a million reasons why
I should be proud of who I am

Queerness is about not getting categorized
and I will not let society pin me down
when I’d rather be pinned down by Tom Brady
on the 50 yard line in the midst of passionate love

But I digress…

This poem is brought to you by the letter Q

Q is not just found at the beginnings of words
like queen, question, quick, quaint,
and the aforementioned queer

Q is found everywhere a queer dares to dream
Q is found everywhere a queer takes back their power
Q is found everywhere a queer wants to be

Whether taken express or local
Whether typed on a circle or diamond

Move down seventeen letters and
cue the Q in queue


Jack M. Freedman is a poet and spoken word artist from Staten Island, NY. He is the author of the chapbook, “…and the willow smiled” (, 2019). Publications featuring his work span the globe. Countries where his poetry found homes include USA, Canada, UK, France, The Netherlands, Ukraine, India, Nigeria, Singapore, and Thailand.  He can be found on Instagram at @jacobmoses81

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