Authentic Love Letter From Angel to Saffron | Harley Claes


It’s a matter of letting go of any prior preconceptions, fears, and anxieties. And is it so easy letting go of that fear? Are we starting over or beginning from the ruins that were left to us?  ‘Love should be a safety net to fall into, comfort-like.’ I think I indulge in that fear more often than not that it has become my poison. I don’t want to be scared of what an us can do to my heart. Cause if it’s as true a love as we believe it is, we need not fear an end, never completely.

I love you like I feel your sentiment left on every place you’ve touched, like your perfume stains the cavern of my heart and soul, love like a thought that never ceases, and tick tick ticks at the back of your head. And it’s terrifying. But it shouldn’t be.
We need to fight for the highs and the lows and every limbo in between. I have the courage, it just has to be unraveled from its bundle and nursed truly. I know you feel much the same.

I’m ready to hold your hand as we step away from the inferno into the eternal light.

With love like a revolution, forever and always, Saffron


Writer’s Commentary

Authentic Love Letter from Angel to Saffron was written as a thread to reassure one another of the genuine love between them. A man had come between them and threatened to bust their love up. There was the fear of social backlash and the man’s physicality that kept their bodies apart but their minds tethered.

Harley Claes is a prose poet, perfume maker, and novelist from Detroit, Michigan. Her work is oftentimes anachronistic, mystical, philosophical and holy erotic. She also happens to run the Beat-inspired press ANGELICAL RAVINGS. Her first self-published anthology is titled ‘Pity The Poetics’ and her work has appeared or is forthcoming in 30+ literary journals. You can find her at

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