The Emperor Reversed | Megan Russo

Your eyes undress me behind the glass
And I will watch you through hooded eyes
Hiding my gaze though yours is unwavering
Unsettling depths
Desperate and hungry.


A demand for a feast of my flesh
Your tongue wetting your lips
Slimy with your desire
Pressing closer
Hands splayed across the glass.


Rags shed like weathered skin
No veils left to conceal me
Your eyes wide
Filled with a darkness
Fists now pounding for my attention.


You press closer
I shift away
Giving you one fleeting glance
Relishing the barrier between us
I see your lips moving.


Writer’s Commentary

The Emperor Reversed comes from my love of mysticism and my desire to explore the effects of the male gaze. The Emperor reversed tarot card is all about power struggle. The upside down position is a sign of instability, and loss of control, which is something I have been fighting with in my own life over the years. I’ve been using poetry to explore my issues and emotions, and I feel like I’ve found a lot of peace by doing that.

Megan Russo is a writer and dungeon master currently living in Austin, TX. She attended the University of Cincinnati majoring in Studio Arts with a focus in Printmaking. Her work has been published by Palm Sized Press, Cauldron Anthology, and Royal Rose Magazine. Read more of her work at or on Twitter @forgewithstyle

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