Relic | Gail Ingram

The hairy fetlocks and porringer feet
draw you down
to earth / their white noses
dipped / against the plough /
they pull lines /
through pliable dirt / it always looks to be
good black soil / not root-bound or full
of river-bed boulders
that Massey Fergusons will one day bury
without lather / Their shoulders brace against
the yoke / an old-fashioned word that
primary schools should remove
from spelling lists / You feel reduced
to childhood / imagining
fat-mooned nostrils blowing frosty clouds
across the field / ‘paddock’
feels wrong with the Alps
scenically placed
on the horizon / and you have a picture
of your hand running up the sweat-whorled neck /
looking into that eye / fluid with forbearance / while knowing
they are kept sequestered here / only
for this billboard of / The Southern Man /
to pull that long
draught / on a mighty tale.

Gail Ingram’s poetry has recently appeared in Poetry New Zealand, Atlanta Review, Blue Five Notebook and Manifesto. She has a new poetry collection Contents Under Pressure coming out in April 2019. Her awards include winner of New Zealand Poetry Society and third prize Poets Meet Politics international poetry competitions.

She can be found at and on Instagram as @gail_ingram_poet

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