Impromptu: Olympian Sonnet | Ian Charles Lepine

These columns hold no more a roof up high,
And yet they stand erect as through their duty,
And never dream upon the ground to lie,
But must forever bear their solemn beauty.
They have not rested throughout many an age,
And cannot suffer marble souls to mourn
Their fallen brother, broke upon this stage,
The body of whom they see with every morn.
They have borne witness to the desecration
Of a world order they held high and holy,
And yet they do not turn to desolation,
For they now see their world return though slowly.
A roof they hold no more; they bear the sky,
And every soul that casts its eye up high.

—Composed before the Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens
October 27, MMXVIII

Writer’s Commentary

The ‘Olympian Sonnet’ was composed while visiting the Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens. The structure has been almost completely destroyed by time, and now only a number of columns remain standing, next to one broken upon the floor. There is no roof now and they seem to support the very heavens.

Ian Charles Lepine is a novelist, playwright, poet, pianist and English graduate.

Born in Mexico in 1994, he has dedicated his life to the creation of an interdisciplinary artistic project spanning a number of domains such as music, literature, and foreign languages.

He has been published in Mexico and Colombia and has self-published over fourteen different titles across all literary genres and three languages, English, French, and Spanish. His comedy of manners, The Paths of Formless Love was shortlisted in the 2018 international writing competition ‘Shakespeare’s New Contemporaries’ organised by the American Shakespeare Center.

He can be found on Instagram at @ian_charles_lepine

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